OSHA 30 Hours General/ Construction Industry standards

Duration: 30 days (1 hr daily) or 5 days (6 hrs daily) for class based course

OSHA 30 Hours Training is the principal method used to train workers in the essentials of occupational safety and health in Construction. This OSHA 30-Hour course, covers OSHA policies, standards and requirements, including safety and health principles for the construction/ general industry. Our fully narrated and interactive course puts emphasis on hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention. This training is intended for people who have some safety responsibility.

Upon successful completion of this OSHA course, you will receive your 30-Hour General Industry/ Construction card and completion certificate by International Board of environment Health and Safety (IBOEHS) and American institute of Oil and Gas Technology (AIOGT) USA.

We are offering OSHA 30 hrs standards courses in Rawalpindi and Islamabad in a very reasonable fee.

This Course has extensive demand in the job market in Saudia Arabia specifically and in Gulf countries in General. 

Misconception about OSHA 30 Hours Course

There is a strong misconception among the professionals that OSHA 30 hours course is banned internationally. OSHA Department of Labor has given clarification on their website that subject course will not be offered internationally by DOL. However, the courses based on OSHA standards may be offered by trainers and course providers without the affiliation/ regulation of OSHA DOL internationally.

Proftech Leading Institute is the only Authorised Training Provider of AIOGT and IBOEHS in Pakistan. You can view the list of ATP’s of IBOEHS by going to the following web link:




The subject course is assessed via one hour MCQ type quiz and students are awarded the certificates and cards upon successful completion. So far Proftech Leading Institute has achieved 100% students’ success rate for this course. 


Proftech Leading Institute (PLI) and this course has no affiliation with OSHA DOL. We only offer 30 Hours Courses in General/ Construction Industries based on OSHA Standards benchmarking the original course developed by OSHA DOL for the improvement of health and safety at workplaces across the globe. The issued certificates and cards through PLI are verifiable online from issuing body i.e. AIOGT USA.


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