EHS Manager Certification by IBOEHS USAiboehs-300x230

Course Duration: 1 Month (2 Hrs daily)

Safety management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates workplace safety. The Safety Manager therefore facilities the company’s achievement of providing a safe workplace for employees, vendors, and the public; as well as addressing regulatory compliance issues. The Registered Safety Manager® (RSM) is a Safety Manager who has met education and experience standards, and has demonstrated by examination the knowledge and skills that applies to safety professionalism.

 Topics covered in the course are:

Safety Terminology

Management’s Responsibilities Hazard Recognition and Control Measures

Fire and Life Safety

Electrical Safety

Office and Fleet Safety

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Hazardous Materials / Waste

Safety Training


Safety Inspections

Accident Investigations

Documenting Safety