Welcome to Proftech Leading Institute

Proftech Leading Institute has its head office in Islamabad and its services are available worldwide through a network of approved institutes, affiliates and competent persons.

We ensure continual improvement in our training management system and we appreciate feedback from our customers and other stake holders.

International Diploma in Safety Engineering (IDSE) is a customized qualification developed by Proftech Leading Institute accredited by IOSH for GradIOSH membership (Click for details). These qualifications have provided the candidates to choose as an Alternative to existing Level 6 certifications in OH&S.

Important Note:

Our services are being offered through a network of branches, affiliates, subcontractors and competent persons. We are committed to provide technical support and Proftech Leading Institute will not be responsible for any financial dealings between the subject branch/ subcontractor etc. and the customer. However, we appreciate your feedback regarding the conduct of the services by any of our branch/ subcontractor/ affiliate etc. We encourage all customers to get registered with Proftech Leading Institute Head office (Islamabad) and subsequently they may join any of our branch/ affiliate/ sub-contractor for the conduct of services.






















  • Iamdelighted to see what I got from Proftech Leading Trainings. –Usman Basheer, SynergyTech

  • We have worked with Proftech Leading on a number of events - the team found its vision, ambition and desire to push out the barriers, truly inspirational. – Sheraz Ahmed Abbassi, Deputy Director PPIB

  • Personally and professionally I believe everyone walked away with a special message from you. –M.Tauseef Iqbal, Defense Organization.